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Patient Survey

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Since 2014, we have run an annual Kidney Cancer Patient Survey and need the amount of people taking part to be as big as possible to give us a wider cross-section of replies as possible to gather vial data.

Without your input, gathering this important information would not be possible, so thank you for your continued support. Please, always feel free to share our survey wide and far to help us reach more kidney cancer patients.

The opinions and experiences of kidney cancer patients across the UK are extremely valuable in the battle with this disease, without them, we would not be able to ensure the needs of kidney cancer patients and their families are met. So, please take the time to complete out the survey and be part of the forging a better future for all kidney cancer patients.This helps with raising awareness of the disease among the general public, clinicians, nurses and health policy makers and legislators through publishing and promoting the results in the media and across social media.

You can read previous years surveys by making your selection from the menu on the left or from the drop-down menu above, in Research & Training.

Links to our latest surveys, when they are live, are shared across social media and on the homepage of this website. To receive an email letting you know a new annual survey is live, fill in the form below and we we contact you.

Share your kidney cancer journey and help others understand

Every kidney Patient Survey 2019 covercancer patient, carer or family member has been on a journey and has a story to tell and your story will help someone make sense of what they are going through today. We welcome the offer of being able to relay your journey to help other kidney cancer patients, carers or their families. Many of those who have so generously shared their story have said it had helped them just to say some of those word out loud. We can take your story by email or (depending on location) may be able to come and film you (examples are here). CLICK HERE if you have a story you wish to share, we and the kidney cancer community would be very grateful.

*we never share your information with 3rd parties.

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