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A Practical Guide to a Mindful Life


A Practical Guide to a Mindful Life

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Martin Stepek is one of Scotland’s most authentic and respected teachers of Mindfulness, he is a published author of three books in the field and the Sunday Herald’s Columnist on Mindfulness. In this Practical Guide to a Mindful Life Martin brings you his most comprehensive guide yet to living a mindful life. Packed full of audio talks, expertly guided practices and written lessons, Martin will be your guide over four weeks to introduce you to Mindfulness and explore how to bring it to different areas of your life, to help improve your physical, mental and emotional well-being.


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This guide starts with the concise but hugely informative Pocket Guide to a Mindful Life, together with a talk by Martin giving an Introduction to Mindfulness. Then each week you will hear a talk from Martin applying Mindfulness to different areas of your life, plus five guided practices. You will also receive a book with written thoughts by Martin on applying Mindfulness to your life. Over the four weeks you will be guided through using Mindfulness for greater happiness, Mindful Eating, Mindfulness at Work and using Mindfulness to manage stress anxiety and worry.

This Practical Guide to a Mindful Life is a great way to learn the simple, scientifically proven techniques of Mindfulness guided by an expert in the field. Martin Stepek began practicing Mindfulness nearly 20 years ago and found that they gave him great benefits. To nurture and cultivate his skills, he began attending a weekend residential programme every month for the next five years, investigating the nature of the mind and how to nurture and cultivate it in great depth. During this period Martin participated in three events led by the legendary Vietnamese Zen monk Thich Nhat Hanh in Edinburgh, Scotland, and also attended lectures in Glasgow by the pioneering mindfulness researcher Jon Kabat-Zinn at the university of Glasgow.

​In the Spring of 2004 the head of the order asked Martin if he would be interested in becoming a teacher of Buddhism and its practices. In order to become a teacher in this tradition Martin had to leave his home for a month. He spent fourteen days in a row practising mindfulness and other meditative techniques all day long except when sleeping and taking toilet and meal breaks. At the end of this period he immediately went to a retreat centre in a remote forest area where he spent the next two weeks in solitary silence. He was not allowed any books, pen, paper, music or any form of communication. At the end of this month-long experience, in April 2004 he qualified as a teacher of mindfulness.