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Political Campaigns

Kidney Cancer UK


Kidney Cancer UK represents the needs of kidney cancer patients in the political arena by lobbying government to;

  • Increase awareness of kidney cancer among politicians and health policy makers;
  • Highlight the importance of the early diagnosis of the disease;
  • Gain access to the new drug treatments for advanced kidney cancer patients that are currently not available through the NHS.

The Charity attends the meetings of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Cancer at Westminster to keep abreast of government directives for the care and management of cancer patients in the UK. In addition, the Charity lobbies Westminster, the Welsh Assembly and the Scottish Parliament for access to drugs and to increase awareness of the disease.

The Charity is involved with all technology appraisals for new kidney cancer drugs conducted by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE). The Charity provides expert input to the technology appraisals through the provision of expert patient witnesses on the technology appraisal committees and through appeals against NICE reimbursement decisions for kidney cancer drugs on the NHS.

Finally, the Charity lobbies MPs and Lords on behalf of kidney cancer patients to increase awareness and knowledge of the disease within government, and on specific issues with respect to patient access to drugs.

To see how you can help our cause by writing to your local member of parliament, please click here