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Kidney Cancer Diet & Nutrition

A guide for patients and their families.

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This guide about a balanced diet and kidney cancer is intended to be a practical tool for people diagnosed with this disease and their families to support them at each stage and help improve their quality of life.

After being diagnosed with kidney cancer, there are a lot of questions we want to ask. One of our objectives is to improve our wellbeing and have the best possible quality of life, even with the disease. Diet is a key aspect of our wellbeing, regardless of whether we are healthy or ill. A proper diet helps us feel better and cope with some of the symptoms and side effects caused by the disease or treatments. This is particularly important in the case of kidney cancer as it influences the nutritional status of those diagnosed for reasons we will explain throughout this guide.

That is why we encourage you to read this excellent booklet. We hope that this guide will help you to learn more about your disease and how it will affect your nutritional status, improve your daily life through your diet and have more resources to face this stage of your life.

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Thanks to the IKCC for the translation of this booklet.