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David Brownlees FEAT

David Brownlees – My story

We are very grateful to David Brownlees for sharing his kidney cancer journey across these four videos.

David Brownlees Screen Grab 6David felt it was important to talk out how he felt about his kidney cancer journey and set about filming himself doing just that. He said he felt he needed to do this for a number of reasons. First, just to release the story from his mind and say it all out loud so it was out. It was his way of taking control of his situation. Second as a form of mental release, having all that in your mind with no release was not his way. And, the third was to help others facing the same journey, he remembered how he felt staring down kidney cancer, major surgery and an uncertain future. He wanted to let people in his situation know the dark clouds ahead do have silver linings.David Brownlees Screen Grab 5

So, David recorded this series of videos and published them through our closed Kidney Cancer UK Patient Support Group on Facebook as part of Kidney Cancer Awareness Week 2021 (search #KCUK2021 on social media to see activities form the week).

David said; “I am so glad I did these video, it helped me and my family a great deal and the support I received back from members of the group really helped. And, something good has come out of this experience. This is my story and through these video’s I want to keep the conversion going.”

To watch the video’s simply click the images.

Part 1

David Brownlees Screen Grab 1

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Part 2

David Brownlees Screen Grab 2

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Part 3

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Part 4

David Brownlees Screen Grab 4

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